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On the first day of every month we give away escape game prizes to three of our top scoring players from the previous month.

COVID-19 update

Escape game tickets won in our monthly draws have no expiry date and can be claimed at any time in the future. Prizes can be won without having to play games by adding previously played games or recruiting other players.

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1st prize

Four free tickets to an escape game of your choice costing up to $120.

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2nd prize

Two free tickets to an escape game of your choice costing up to $60.

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3rd prize

One free ticket to an escape game of your choice costing up to $30.

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We Escape Games

And we want to help the industry by providing an exciting VR powered live video solution for escape game owners to host their real-life escape games as live avatar experiences remotely to players anywhere in the world!

Visit our Kickstarter campaign page now to secure your exclusive access to offer or play real-life escape rooms with VR Live Avatar.

Are you an escape game owner?

Click the link below if you own an escape game and you want to get hold of your QR codes so that players can check in and check out of your games, and so that you can confirm players previously played games.

Please ensure that you request your QR codes from an email that is associated with your escape room so we can verify you are the owner. Also, please tell us the names of the rooms you want QR codes for.

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